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  • Increase activation with 100+ CRO tactics
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Increase activation with these CRO tactics

Building a signup flow? Creating a product tour? Or planning a resource center? See how others do it and put the best user onboarding ideas to use in your software.

Review your strategy against 15+ best practices

Whether you’re launching your first startup or refining your UX design skills, revisiting user onboarding best practices is always beneficial.

Compare the best user onboarding software

Discover the top user onboarding software. I’ve evaluated 9 leading tools to save you time and effort.

And no, it’s not Appcues.

I spent 100 hours on research.
You discover 100+ tactics & ideas with ease.

Learn crucial concepts and lay the foundation for your strategy

Whether you’re launching your first startup or refining your UX design skills, revisiting user onboarding best practices is always beneficial.

15 best practices inside

Increase conversion from visitor to signup

The signup page is the most universal touchpoint for all users—make it count.

13 Tactics & 101 Examples inside

Shorten the Time to Value

Users must complete essential steps to reach their first “Aha!” moment. Streamline this process to quicken the journey to setup completion.

26 Tactics & 32 Examples inside

Weclome new users to your app

What comes after signup? Explore effective strategies to welcome users and navigate them through their next actions.

8 Tactics & 81 examples inside

Optimize the initial interaction with your product

Once users land on the first dashboard after signup, the next steps are crucial. Find ideas for designing this screen to maximize user activation.

10 Tactics & 97 Examples inside

Guide users through crucial processes

Product tours are unparalleled in helping new users get comfortable with your interface. Discover how to implement them effectively.

11 Tactics & 18 Examples inside

Lay down the path to success

Checklists are foundational to user onboarding. Learn how to leverage them to enhance user experience.

15 Tactics & 94 Examples inside

Drive feature adoption

The feature setup page is critical for encouraging feature adoption. So what can you do to influence its effectiveness?

13 Tactics & 92 Examples inside

Let users learn at their own pace

Targeted messaging is essential for onboarding, but ensure users can access information when they need it, not just when deemed appropriate.

15 Ideas & 81 Examples inside

Find out which software is worth your money

Don’t choose based on popularity. Find the best user onboarding software for your needs with this in-depth comparison.

9 user onboarding software tested

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