220+ User Onboarding Examples

Do you want to optimize user onboarding processes for your SaaS business? Come up with new ideas that will drive user activation? Or learn how others do it? Browse through the best user onboarding examples and gather inspiration for your project.

User Onboarding Examples & Tactics by UI category

All the user onboarding flows above are split by the UI category. Click below to find categorized user onboarding examples that fit your current use case. You’ll find signup flow examples, product tour examples, onboarding checklist examples, and more.

User Onboarding Flows by Company

During this onboarding research we’ve collected 3.500 screenshots from 220 SaaS products so that you don’t need to spend time looking for interesting examples yourself. All the user onboarding flows were reviewed, rated, and are sorted by their quality.

I took into account factors such as the amount of friction in the onboarding process, clarity of actions required, the amount of available educational content (and whether it’s easily accessible), consistency of the onboarding journey, etc.

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Why Optimize your User Onboarding Experience?

User onboarding is an essential part of SaaS growth strategy. A well optimized in-app user onboarding means shorter sales cycle and higher conversions without overspending on customer support and sales agents. If you’re striving to become a product-led SaaS company, you can’t overestimate its importance. In the end, it’s the only point in your customer journey that all users share.

I’d venture a notion that most users signing up for your software have limited knowledge and understanding of its functionalities. By designing a well-thought-out onboarding flow, you’re making it possible for them to understand their value and how they work.

Fortunately, there’s no reason to design user onboarding from the ground up yourself. Many companies have already gone through the whole design and optimization process so why don’t we take a look at what they came up with.

Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll find on other pages.

Onboarding example #1 — Checklist @Aircall

User onboarding example - Onboarding checklist

Onboarding example #2 — Product tour @Zendesk

Onboarding example #3 — Signup flow @ShippyPro