SaaS Resource Center: 15 Ideas & 81 Examples

Behavior-triggered, targeted messaging forms the foundation of effective user onboarding. By gradually introducing relevant information to new users as they need it, you can prevent overwhelming them with excessive details.

However, it’s essential to avoid restricting access to information only to specific points in time that you deem appropriate. Instead, provide users with a centralized resource center within your app where they can easily access everything they need to succeed. This SaaS resource center serves as a hub for various resources, including articles, videos, and other helpful materials.

By offering easy access to valuable resources, your customers can find assistance whenever they need it. As demonstrated in the list below, the resource center can serve a broader purpose beyond education, serving as a central repository for anything that could be useful at any given time.

3 SaaS Resource Center Design Types

In most cases, resource centers are simply dropdown menus containing links to other pages. While it’s usually good enough, you may consider alternatives.

If you want to stay flexible, you don’t need to hard-code it. Instead, you can utilize external software solutions like Pendo, UserFlow, or UserGuiding.

On the contrary, if your aim is to offer the best user experience possible, you might be interested in how companies like Miro have approached this task. Instead of simply adding links, Miro has opted for a more robust solution with extensive capabilities. In their Learning Center, they have embedded simple guides and video tutorials, allowing customers to access content seamlessly without leaving the app.

15 Ideas of Resource Center Contents

Courses, Videos, Tutorials, Webinars (Embed right here, or add links)

Product tours

Use cases

Keyboard shortcuts

Scheduling a demo or onboarding calls

Customer support

Help center

Developer documentation


Latest releases & News


Status updates

Feedback collection

Bug reporting


Social media

Case studies

Ebooks & Whitepapers


81 Resource Center Examples