Welcome message: 8 Tactics & 81 examples

Even if you can’t change your product’s main interface, you likely use onboarding tools that enable you to display pop-ups, slide-outs, or other types of messages. To make a great first impression consider sending a warm welcome message right after users finish signing up. Below, we offer various ideas on crafting these welcome screens effectively.

What to include in a SaaS welcome message?

Explain what your product does

Suggest a product tour or starting the setup

Ask what they want to achieve

Make it the first step of a product tour

Changing just one small detail can have a big impact. Switch the button text from ‘Start a tour’ to ‘Next.’ This encourages users to go with the flow, guiding them through the process instead of leaving them to decide their next step.

Show a “Getting started” video

Invite to an onboarding call

To boost attendance at onboarding calls, consider offering a discount as an incentive, similar to the approach taken by NiceJob.

Invite to an onboarding webinar

Show simplified view of the setup

81 SaaS Welcome Message Examples