32 Signup Flow Examples

If you’re looking for signup flow inspiration then you’re in the right place. Discover best signup flow examples and see how UX designers from top SaaS companies approached creating their user registration flows. Curious about tactics you can use to increase your product adoption? Check out 26 ideas in the article below.

Asana’s signup flow

What’s good about this signup flow:

  • Every step in the flow is meant to personalize user experience.
  • It ends with a project setup, shortening Time to Value.
  • Helps you understand what you can with Asana and how it works.
  • Each step is very easy to complete.

What’s bad about this signup flow:

Autopilot’s signup flow

What’s good about this signup flow:

  • Is focused on setting up the account.
  • Introduces the first Aha! moments, e.g., on the second slide you’re reassured that Autopilot is for your kinds of business, then you can find your billing platform, and on the next slides you personalize your default email.

What’s bad about this signup flow:

  • High number of steps and fields to fill in. I assume Autopilot’s crew sees these steps either as crucial for smooth experience later on, or treats them as small Aha! moments. Yet from my perspective the whole process was a bit too long. Is it really the right time to ask for the address or a credit card?
  • No progress bar.
  • The copy on the first slide could be more inspiring and exciting, focusing on benefits of using Autopilot.

Better Proposal’s signup flow

What’s good about this signup flow:

  • Easy to complete steps.
  • Descriptive button copy.
  • Lets you upload your logo and shows a preview of proposal.

What’s bad about this signup flow:

  • The first step seems like an unnecessary click.
  • On the last step it would be better to show available options, rather than require users to type themselves.
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26 Ideas for an Awesome Signup flow

Biteable’s registration flow

What’s good about this registration flow:

  • Easy to complete, with one action per screen.

What’s bad about this registration flow:

  • What does “the best experience possible” mean? The copy should be more specific about what will happen.
  • Doesn’t provide any value right away.

Calendly’s signup flow

What’s good about this signup flow:

  • Short, low friction flow.
  • Prepares the account for the first use.

What’s bad about this signup flow:

  • Some texts seems to unnecessarily clutter the design, increasing the cognitive load.
  • Low contrast makes it harder to focus.

CloudTalk’s user registration flow

What’s good about this user registration flow:

  • Delivers value in the very first step—you are given a number, for free, right away!
  • Features a demo call, where new users can experience the full value without setting anything up. Amazing!
  • Explains in one, clear sentence what CloudTalk is.
  • Submitting business information is included at the end of the flow, after your motivation is already high.

What’s bad about this user registration flow:

  • I imagine the second step could be divided in two for easier comprehension.

Connecteam’s signup flow

Deputy’s signup flow

Dropbox’s signup flow

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