SaaS Signup Page: 13 Tactics & 101 Examples

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Signup page and initial user onboarding are most likely the only touch points all your users share. That’s why you need to make sure it’s optimized for conversions as much as possible.

Typical conversion rate optimization tactics apply, so keep your design distraction-free, with one clear CTA, and no outgoing links.

Below you’ll find a list of several elements or tactics you might want to keep in mind while designing a SaaS signup page. Some of them, like social proof, are pretty obvious, but you’ll also find other, more interesting ones. And if you’re designing a whole signup flow, you’ll find 26 Signup flow tactics in another article.

How to improve SaaS Signup Page conversion?

Emphasize USPs, benefits, or features

Visitors will land on your SaaS signup page from various sources, with different level of knowledge about your product. Remind them why they came here in the first place and why it’s worth it to fill out the form. Remember, however, not to clutter the page with too much information. Sum it up into one sentence or a few bullet points—and you’re good to go!

SaaS signup page - Emphasize USPs

Use social proof

If your product collects a lot of good customer reviews, don’t forget to boast about it in this crucial step of the funnel. Nothing reassures more than hundreds or even thousands of satisfied users.

SaaS signup page - aggregate rating

b) Show customer reviews

Let your customers prove your point. It’s always more convincing to hear them praise you than if you did it yourself.

Signup page - Customer reviews

c) Show customer logos

d) Show trust badges

Winning prizes or being chosen the best by a third-party organization can dramatically increase your product’s value in your visitors’ eyes.

SaaS signup page - trust badges

Use risk reversal

Addressing objections your users-to-be might have, is yet another technique you can try out. On your SaaS signup page use such copy as No credit card required. Cancel anytime. No obligations. No commitment.

Signup page - risk reversal

Split the form into steps

Asking many questions in the signup flow can be a real conversion killer. As we know from the BJ Fogg behavior model, whether a person will take an action depends on their motivation and the task’s difficulty. In our case, with every new form field you increase the level of motivation required to sign up.

Fortunately, by splitting your form into more than one step, you might get away with asking for more information. Make the first step as simple as possible and let completion bias do the rest. Remember that it’s always a good practice to include a progress bar informing where exactly you are in the process.

Reverse the natural order

If you can pique your visitors’ interest or give them a hint of your product’s value before the signup—this tactic is worth trying out.

It can also work if you need to ask multiple questions in the signup flow—then you can test asking for personal information (like email or phone number) at the very end.

Prioritize social login

Instead of asking your visitors to fill out a form, let them sign up in one click with Google, Facebook, or another social medium. Make it your primary call to action and hide the email signup form to reduce friction even more.

SaaS signup page - social login

Use dynamic password validation

There aren’t many more annoying UI “elements” than password verification on form submit. Especially if you require a strong password and your error messages aren’t specific enough. Show your password requirements at the very moment one’s filling out the field and when met, check off each condition on the list to make it even easier. To minimize initial cognitive load, show it only when the visitor clicks on the password field. This way you’ll avoid users getting annoyed still on your signup page.

SaaS signup page - dynamic password validation

Show your product in the background

Make your new users feel like they’re already in the app while you still ask a few questions. You can test this tactic easily using a screenshot in the page background.

Delay the signup

Letting people experience the value first and ask for something in return later is the holy grail of user experience. Delay the signup for after they use your product to bring the friction down to zero and increase your conversion.

Signup Page Examples

Discover the best signup page examples collected from top performing SaaS products. Browse through designs and find signup page inspiration for your website. Having an abundance of great examples to choose from and following best practices (link below) will make creating your own registration page layout as easy as pie.

What is a signup page?

Signup page (a registration page) is a page with a signup form where new users can create their accounts and access your SaaS application. Registration pages have only one goal—to convert anonymous visitors into new users. This is a key moment in a customer journey. That’s why signup page optimization is crucial to the success of your business.

Signup page screenshots

Fortunately, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just take a look at 100+ signup page screenshots we’ve collected from the best SaaS applications out there and implement a similar design in your product. The best signup page designs are clean, without many elements fighting for your attention, and no outgoing links (apart from the login page and password recovery links which are necessary for a proper user experience). And don’t forget to add checkboxes where one will accept your terms and conditions or data processing agreement so that your signup form in accordance with law (e.g., GDPR).

After landing on your signup page, visitors need to know what to do, and why they should do it. That’s why many SaaS signup pages feature additional pieces of copy reminding new users about the product’s value, or showcase social proof such as customer reviews or trust badges. And add your logo too—otherwise people won’t be sure if they landed on the right page which in the can will decrease your signup rate. Here you’ll find more about tactics to increase your signup page conversion.