94 User Onboarding Checklist Examples

See onboarding checklist examples from the top performing SaaS products. Below you can find tens of screenshots where you can see how UX designers dealt with guiding users through the initial setup. And when you’re done browsing the onboarding checklists examples, read how to structure your SaaS onboarding checklist in the article below.

User Onboarding Checklist Examples

User Onboarding Checklist is an essential UX/UI element designed to assist users during their initial onboarding once they enter a product. The onboarding checklist works similarly to the setup assistant in that it reminds the user of the tasks that need to be completed when they run the software for the first time. Onboarding checklists are a springboard for the remainder of the process and show a finite path of how to start using a product.

Onboarding Checklist Screenshots 

Above are some user onboarding checklist screenshots where you can see how UX designers help users get started with their products. You can find onboarding checklist examples collected from a research of 220+ top SaaS products. Some of the checklist examples are simple widgets provided by user onboarding tools while others are advanced, custom-made user onboarding wizards.

Examples of User Onboarding Wizards

In contrast to simple onboarding checklists that just provide navigation, user onboarding wizards can also allow for a setup. This way users don’t need to go back and forth between different pages and can get started with the product faster. Scroll through the list of onboarding wizard examples and screenshots to find inspiration for your project.